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The term “grand theft” defines theft of property on a large scale. In contrast to petty theft, the property stolen in a grand theft case is worth significantly more.

Definitions of grand theft vary between states. In Arizona, petty theft is capped at $1,000. If the stolen property exceeds a value of $1,000, the offense is considered a grand theft.

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Arizona’s Grand Theft Definitions and Penalties

Grand theft is considered a felony in Arizona, and is punishable by varying prison sentences and fines, as well as civil liabilities, depending on the classification of the felony. Grand theft will be classified according to the value of what was stolen.

A class 6 felony is the lowest level of grand theft, and defines theft crimes in which the stolen property exceeds $1,000 but is less than $2,000. The highest level of grand theft charges in Arizona are class 2 felonies, which are assigned to thefts in which the stolen property is valued at over $25,000. The felony classes in between are defined by steadily increasing tiers of stolen property value, all punishable by different prison sentences and fine amounts.

Class 4 felonies have some different parameters that fall outside of the property value criteria that define the other grand theft felony classes. The class 4 felony definition also includes the theft of an engine or transmission from a vehicle, as well as shoplifting crimes committed by people with at least two theft convictions in the past five years.

All classes of felony theft carry a maximum fine of $150,000. Civil penalties for grand theft vary on a case-by-case basis.

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