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At the Law Office of Carlos A. Medina, PLLC, you can find a Tucson criminal defense lawyer with the skills and experience needed to provide reliable precharge representation. With Attorney Medina on your side, even before you are placed in handcuffs or notified that charges are filed against you, it might be possible to completely spare yourself from the hardships and frustrations associated with criminal cases.

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How PreCharge Works

While many criminal cases begin with someone being arrested by a law enforcement officer, many still start less dramatically. In these cases, someone might notify a law enforcement agency that they are suspicious of another person. They may even claim to have witnessed them commit a criminal violation, or that they have solid evidence of such. When this happens, law enforcement will begin a precharge investigation into the matter to determine the validity of the claims and the necessity or not of an arrest.

Precharge representation from Tucson criminal defense Attorney Medina works by shielding your rights even before you are arrested or charged. If law enforcement has attempted to contact you, dial (520) 251-9561 to get his law firm on your side at once.

During precharge, Attorney Medina will:

  • Contact law enforcement to invoke your rights.
  • Send a letter of representation to law enforcement.
  • If necessary, schedule a voluntary surrender to prevent embarrassment and greater harm.
  • If necessary, represent you at your arraignment.

If successful, you might be able to completely avoid criminal charges being filed against you. In such a situation, your reputation will be upheld and your criminal record can remain spotless.

PreCharge Attorney in Tucson

Time is absolutely of the essence if you want to use precharge representation to protect yourself from criminal accusations. Wait too long and you run the risk of being arrested. Even if you are later found entirely innocent, the arrest and charges stay there. Do not hesitate to contact Attorney Medina to schedule an in-person consultation, during which he can explain more about how precharge representation works and what he can do if your case does advance to charges filed against you.

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