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Forfeiture laws can be confusing and without proper legal representation, your personal assets may be seized by the federal or state government. You need the advice of an experienced Tucson forfeiture lawyer. The Law Office of Carlos A. Medina, PLLC represents clients in criminal cases and related forfeiture of assets and personal property.

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Forfeiture Law in Arizona

Arizona state law allows forfeiture of proceeds and instrumentalities of crime. The law does not allow forfeiture of real property in criminal cases, other than in drug cases. For this reason, your home is most likely safe, if you are not facing drug charges.

The assets that are subject to forfeiture may include:

  • Cash obtained from a crime
  • Bank accounts
  • Personal property
  • Property that is considered an instrumentality of a crime

There are two types of forfeiture: civil forfeiture and criminal forfeiture. In criminal forfeiture, a conviction is required before it is possible for money, property, and other assets to be seized by the government. Even after conviction, only money and property that is directly related to the criminal offense may be taken.

Effective Legal Representation is Essential

Forfeiture is controversial because it has become big business for the government. The government has been accused of taking money, cell phones, and other property without just cause. This is why it is imperative to have a Tucson criminal defense attorney to fight forfeiture on your behalf. Attorney Carlos A. Medina can advise you of your rights and develop an effective strategy to fight forfeiture and help you retain your property and personal assets.

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